Industrial Effluent Treatment System(IETS) Operation

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An industrial effluent treatment system (IETS) is a complex system that is designed to treat the wastewater generated by industrial processes, in order to remove harmful pollutants and ensure compliance with environmental regulations. The purpose of this programme is to give participants the information and abilities needed to properly manage and treat industrial wastewater.

The session will expose attendees to the basic concepts of industrial wastewater treatment, including the various procedures used to remove pollutants and impurities. You will be led step-by-step through the functioning of an industrial wastewater treatment system by our knowledgeable instructors, who will explain the relevance and usefulness of each stage.The programme delves into the intricate processes of coagulation, flocculation, sedimentation, and filtration, all of which are crucial in the removal of suspended matter and other contaminants from industrial wastewater. The preparation of various coagulant and flocculant solutions and comprehension of the dose required for optimum treatment effectiveness will be done in a hands-on manner for the participants.

You will learn important information about analysing the treatment system's performance in this workshop, including tracking floc production, settling characteristics, and turbidity reduction. The focus will be on learning how to fine-tune the treatment procedure to accommodate different pH ranges, industrial effluent pollutants, and water quality circumstances.The workshop also discusses the variables that affect dosage calculation, including industry type, effluent characteristics, and environmental requirements. Participants will be given practical troubleshooting strategies as well as guidance through potential difficulties encountered during industrial wastewater treatment.

Join us for this engaging and educational IETS Operation session to deepen your comprehension of industrial effluent treatment procedures and improve wastewater management at your operation.


Benefits Of The Program:
- Enhancement of the knowledge and skills for Environmental Management support staff in daily operation handling.
- Enhancement specific skills towards every pollution control unit operation and maintenance (Included: IETS, SWM, APCS)
- Enhancement on overall understanding towards legal framework and enforcement on overall understanding towards legal framework and enforcement requirement.
- If required, hands-on training will be provided.

Values Of The Program:
- Theory and pratical learning.
- Certificate of Completion
- HRDCorp Claimable
- Training Material in Hardcopy

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