Microbiology Monitoring Workshop

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- 21 Mar 2024 (Thu)

- 25 July 2024 (Thu)

-   28 Nov 2024 (Thu)

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Wan Jaidanah
: +6014-639 7662
: ecc17training@gmail.com
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Venue: ECC Training Centre
A microbiology monitoring workshop is a comprehensive and hands-on program designed to equip participants with the necessary knowledge and techniques to effectively manage, monitor and analyze the microbial communities in wastewater treatment processes. Understanding the role of microorganisms in wastewater treatment is crucial for improving treatment efficiency, reducing costs, and meeting regulatory requirements.

This training assists in developing your practical skills in microbial sampling and analysis techniques, how to identify and troubleshoot microbial-related issues in wastewater treatment, how to calculate SOUR, MLSS, MLVSS and SVI, also guide you in understanding the dynamics of activated sludge and biofilm systems, and their relevance in wastewater treatment.


Benefits Of The Program:
- Enhancement of the knowledge and skills for Environmental Management support staff in daily operation handling.
- Enhancement specific skills towards every pollution control unit operation and maintenance (Included: IETS, SWM, APCS)
- Enhancement on overall understanding towards legal framework and enforcement on overall understanding towards legal framework and enforcement requirement.

Values Of The Program:
- Theory and pratical learning.
- Certificate of Completion
- HRDCorp Claimable
- Training Material in Hardcopy

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