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Ergonomics is a way of designing workstations, work practices, and work flow to accommodate the capabilities of workers. Ergonomic design reduces risk factors known to contribute to occupational ergonomic injuries and illnesses, such as muscular sprains and strains and cumulative trauma disorders (CTDs). In this training, trainer will demonstrate the proper lifting technique and control measures to reduce the ergonomics associated illness.

Participants will embark on a journey to understand the principles of ergonomics and learn practical strategies to apply them in their daily tasks. By equipping employees with the knowledge and skills to optimize their workspaces and workflows, organizations can unlock untapped potential, leading to enhanced job satisfaction, reduced risk of injuries, and ultimately, a more resilient and thriving workforce.

Through this comprehensive ergonomic training, we aim to empower individuals and organizations alike to create work environments that not only drive productivity but also prioritize the holistic well-being of every employee.


Benefits Of The Program: - Injury Prevention
- Improved Productivity
- Health preservation
- Professional development

Values Of The Program: - Theory Learning
- Certificate of Attendance (Participant), Certificate Recognition (Company)
- HRDCorp Claimable
- Training Material in Hardcopy

Details Courses: - Course Duration: 1 Day
- No. Of Students: 25 Pax
- Certification: Yes (Softcopy + Hardcopy)
- Type Of Training: Physical
- Location: In-House
- Skill Level: Beginner
- Language: English + Malay
- Hrd Corp Registered Course: Yes

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