Working At Height

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Wan Jaidanah
: +6014-639 7662
Open for Public on: 20 - 21 Feb 2024

Traininng Venue : ECC Training Center

A fun and useful learning programme called "Working at Height Training" aims to teach participants the proper safety measures to take when working at heights. For people whose jobs may require them to work on rooftops, scaffolds, raised platforms, or other high buildings, this training is essential.

Participants are taught to the basic concepts of working at heights during the training session, including risk assessment, hazard identification, and the significance of wearing the proper personal protection equipment (PPE). Our knowledgeable teachers walk you through each step of properly climbing, descending, and working on elevated surfaces. You will gain knowledge of the various fall protection devices available, including harnesses, lanyards, and guardrails, as well as how to utilise them effectively to avoid mishaps and injuries.

Join us for an in-depth, immersive Working at Height Training to advance your safety knowledge. 


Benefits Of The Program: - Injury Prevention
- Improved Productivity
- Health preservation
- Professional development

Values Of The Program: - Theory and pratical learning.
- Certificate of Completion
- HRDCorp Claimable
- Training Material in Hardcopy

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