Effective Jar Test Workshop

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- 17 Nov 2023

- 17 Nov 2023

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Wan Jaidanah
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Venue: ECC Training Centre
Jar test workshop is an interactive and hands-on learning session designed to educate participants about the jar test procedure and its significance in wastewater treatment processes. Participants are introduced to the fundamental principles of coagulation and flocculation, explaining how these processes help in removing suspended particles and impurities from wastewater.

The step-by-step procedure of the jar test is demonstrated and explained in detail by our expert instrutors. You will learn how to prepare different coagulant and flocculant solutions and how to add them to the water samples in varying doses. You also will learn how to interpret the results, such as floc formation, settling characteristics, and turbidity reduction. This workshop focuses on helping you to understand how to identify the optimal dosage of coagulants and flocculants required for efficient wastewater treatment. Factors influencing dosage determination, such as water quality, type of contaminants, and pH levels, are discussed. Additionally, you are guided through potential challenges and troubleshooting techniques in the jar test process including learn how to adjust the treatment process for specific water conditions and address common issues that may arise during water treatment.

Join us for this immersive and insightful jar test workshop, and take your water treatment expertise to new heights. Contact us now to secure your spot!


Benefits Of The Program:
- Enhancement of the knowledge and skills for Environmental Management support staff in daily operation handling.
- Enhancement specific skills towards every pollution control unit operation and maintenance (Included: IETS, SWM, APCS)
- Enhancement on overall understanding towards legal framework and enforcement on overall understanding towards legal framework and enforcement requirement.

Values Of The Program:
- Theory and pratical learning.
- Certificate of Completion
- HRDCorp Claimable
- Training Material in Hardcopy

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